Pantanal - 3 days and 2 nights Tour


First day :
  • Our guide will pick you up from the airport or hotel;
  • Transfer, on a paved road, in private (car/van) to Poconé, a city 100 km Southwest of Cuiabá, inside the Pantanal and exactly where the famous Transpantaneira, an 145 km graveled road, starts;
  • Lunch could be near the airport, in Poconé or at the lodge;
  • On our way to the lodge, on the Transpantaneira road, you will understand why Pantanal is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth by enjoying the number of wildlife animals like caymans, birds and fantastic flora;
  • Activities according to the lodge;
  • A night safari after dinner;
  • Overnight at the lodge.
Second day:
  • An outing before the sunrise that could be done on foot or by car;
  • After breakfast, activities according to the lodge;
  • Return for lunch and get some rest;
  • After lunch, activities according to the lodge;
  • Overnight at the lodge;
Third day:
  • An outing before the sunrise that could be done on foot or by car
    Depending on your domestic flight schedule:
  • Immediate transfer to the airport;
  • Trail;
  • Transfer to the airport after lunch;

lodging for 2 nights, all meals, transfer, open safari vehicle, services of guide and driver

Not included:

Air tickets (international & domestic), drinks of any kind, nights before and after the tour




minimum 2

  • Activities offerings at the lodges: canoeing, spotlighting, boat ride, walking;
  • The activities are offered according to the schedule, availability and or weather conditions;
  • This package is meant to be for the tourists to leave the lodge right after breakfast, lunch and beverages are not included case their domestic time flight allows them to leave after lunch.

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